When you submit an invoice to a customer’s insurance company, you don’t just want it to be paid. You want it to be paid in full. Unfortunately, the push for price reductions seems to be getting stronger, and that trend has the potential to take a bite out of your payment.

Insurers have a reason for asking you to justify your invoices. Insurance fraud is a real problem. Insurance carriers report that up to 20% of claims are fraudulent. With numbers like that, it’s hard to blame adjusters for being skeptical. Knowing that they are means that you can take steps to avoid raising their suspicions.

To submit bills that get paid without price reductions, forge a collaborative relationship with the insurance adjuster. Be professional, trustworthy, and reliable. Do the job that you’re contracted to do, and submitted accurate invoices that are supported by solid documentation. What if you run into an unreasonable adjuster? Thankfully, the same thorough documentation that paved the way for efficient collaboration can help you defend your invoice.

How does AR Workflow make the process of dealing with adjusters easier? For starters, it stores your communications automatically. It also allows you to make notes so you don’t forget details that matter. The platform also lets you upload documents for your customers. It’s easy to attach them to an email to support your invoice. You can even have them included automatically as part of a workflow.

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