Get Paid Faster by Accepting Payments in AR Workflow

Make it easy for your customers to pay you.
Send invoices that they can access and pay anytime, anywhere.

Payment Processing Solutions That Work

It takes minutes to set up a payment processing solution that can shave days off of your collections timetable.

You can even collect payments in real-time from the email or text reminder sent out by AR Workflow. You’ll be alerted, and the payment will be automatically posted in your accounting software.


Productivity has soared with a 25% increase in payment speed!

Theresa Bahen

SERVPRO of Chesterfield / Richmond / Henrico / Tri-Cities Plus / Chesapeake / Hampton / Elizabeth City / Outer Banks / Portsmouth / Norfolk West

Enjoy Effortless Organization

With AR Workflow, records of your accounts receivable efforts and their results are kept in one user-friendly place.


Payment Transactions

Payment Transactions provides the ideal mix of tools for handling transactions:

  • Review transactions within specific date ranges.
  • Check the amount charged.
  • View the payment method used.
  • Check a transaction’s status.
  • Refund a payment.
  • View, email or print a receipt.

We’ve seen an 85% drop in the number of invoices over 90 days past due.

Joseph & Danielle McCann

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Payment Deposits


Payment Deposits makes following the money simple:

  • Search all deposits.
  • Use custom date ranges to narrow your search.
  • Get a detailed transaction description for a deposit, including any fees paid.
  • See a breakdown of the various transactions grouped into each deposit.

Payment Dispute


Credit Card Payments

Go from invoice to cash faster by accepting credit card payments through your customer portal. AR Workflow will automatically record the payments in QuickBooks.

ACH Bank Transfers

ACH bank transfers save time and headaches. Collect what you’re owed without the hassles of paper checks, bank runs or transaction fees.

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