Keep Your Communication Coordinated

AR Workflow automatically keeps track of all your team’s emails,
so it’s easy to keep everyone on the same page and make every communication count.

Complete Email Conversation History

Sync your email into AR Workflow. Your entire email conversation history with each customer is automatically pulled in, organized and instantly available for your review in your timeline. You’ll never have to wonder about what’s been communicated.

Whether you send emails directly from AR Workflow, your browser or your favorite email client, you’ll never miss a message. Every email is synced automatically.

Within 12 months, the percentage of invoices being charged off as bad debt dropped by more than 90%.

Jeffrey & Kristi Stokes

SERVPRO of Denton

Personalize Email Templates with AR Workflow

With automatically personalized templates, you can send effective emails in seconds.

Craft Your Message Quickly

Browse the selection of templates, choose the right one for your purpose and auto-populate all the mail merge tags. With the ability to mail merge both standard data fields like name or organization and custom data fields, the possibilities are endless

Share Templates

Customize templates and share them with your entire AR team.

We’ve had a 75% reduction in manual tasks, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Natalie Hart

SERVPRO of Northeast San Antonio

Why communicate with your customers via SMS?

Send Effective Emails Efficiently

Create a customer list that streamlines your accounts receivable process with AR Workflow’s Bulk Email feature.

Know Your Message’s Status

Know if your email has been opened, who did it and the time that they did so.

Schedule Emails for the Right Moment

Schedule emails so that they’ll always arrive in your customer’s inbox at the ideal moment.

Set Follow-up Reminders

Does your collections strategy call for follow-up actions on a specific date? Set a reminder with one click.

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