• Are you drowning in spreadsheets?
  • Does crucial data remain elusive despite the unceasing drudgery of hours of repetitive, manual labor? 
  • Are your internal communications ineffective?
  • Do your customers crave more transparency?
  • Does the cash that you’ve earned come in far too slowly?

Why We Do It​

Too often, conducting business as usual leaves business owners guessing. We saw a better way. With AR Workflow, we offer the user-friendly tools that you need to optimize your accounts receivable efforts.



AR Workflow helps you get paid faster and take control of your cash flow.

As pioneers in the field of accounts receivable automation, we don’t just help you improve the efficiency of your collections efforts. We also make it easier for you to optimize your communications, forecast your cash flow more accurately and provide a better customer experience.

Our Core Values

At AR Workflow, we value satisfied customers and a workplace that is challenging, engaging, exciting and respectful. Our core values reflect that:

  • BE Helpful: We are eager to assist. We go beyond what is asked to deliver excellence.
  • BE Happy: We create a positive atmosphere that supports happy, motivated people.
  • BE Humble: We are authentic, honest, transparent and accountable.
  • BE Hungry: We don’t settle. We’re constantly thinking ahead, encouraging innovation & working to exceed expectations.

Ready to get paid faster?

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