Another project is successfully completed. Now, you’re expecting to collect payment from your customer’s insurance carrier, but the process is dragging on, and the open balance keeps getting bigger. Is there anything that you can do to get paid faster?

Later Review Versus Immediate Approval

Ultimately, it’s in both the insurance company’s and the contractor’s best interests to settle open balances. The insurance adjuster’s job is to close files, so why are they setting your invoice aside for review? The answer might lie in the documentation that you supplied to support your claim.

If you submit an invoice that seems too high, is vague, or has unsupported charges, then the adjuster might decide to set it aside for later review. They’ll move onto the next file and come back to it later for a deeper look. By providing the proper documentation for your invoice, you’re improving your odds of your payment being immediately approved.

Supporting Your Claim

What kind of documentation does the adjuster want to see? For a speedy approval, be sure to include the following:

1. An accurate description of the damage.

  •  Always include a clear, precise description of the damage. Take care not to embellish or downplay your work.

2. All required signatures.

  •  Contracts must be signed by all owners of record. They should include a clear description of work to be performed, cost factors, and terms of payment. There should also be a statement that unforeseen circumstances might require amendments.

Documenting Your Work With AR Workflow

At AR Workflow, we know that a lack of supporting documentation is the number one reason that claims don’t get paid on time or in full. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to document your work.

With AR Workflow, you can upload all of your relevant documents. Then, you can attach them to your emails. You can even use workflows to automatically attach your customer’s documents to your email templates. Do you already have everything set up to your specifications? If so, you’ll just need to upload the documents and assign the customer to the desired workflow. You’ll be getting paid in full without delay in no time.

Do you know how to capitalize on the workflows in AR Workflow? If you need assistance, we’re always happy to help.

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