It’s beyond frustrating. Your restoration company provides excellent service in a timely fashion, and there’s no question that you deserve to be paid for your work promptly. Instead, you find yourself waiting for months and asking if the customer intends to pay you. Legal action is an option, but it’s costly and time-consuming, and you wonder if it’s really worth pursuing.

Why don’t clients pay? Restoration contractors tell us all the time that collecting what they’re owed is their biggest challenge. We’ve considered the reasons for the problem and developed AR Workflow to provide real-world solutions. Are you ready to see how it works?

Reason 1: They Haven’t Heard From You Lately

Your customer received the invoice. Then, something else came up, and the bill disappeared under a pile of papers. Or, they opened your email, but they got distracted by some notification from social media before they took action. Life is busy. Your customer may have the best of intentions, but your payment can easily be a matter of out of sight, out of mind for them.

With AR Workflow, you can integrate, automate, and relax. With the platform’s user-friendly templates and tools, it’s incredibly easy to create a communication schedule for clients and implement it.

Reason 2: They’ll Take as Much Time as They Can

Consistent reminders that an invoice is due can help set the tone for your interactions and prompt payment. However, there are times when your customer has the money to pay their invoice but doesn’t make paying you a priority. How do you eliminate delays and remove excuses? Make it convenient for your customers to make a payment.

With AR Workflow, it’s as simple as sending them their payment link. When you use email or SMS templates to stay in touch, it’s easy to include any relevant information, including a link to the customer’s payment portal.

Reason 3: They Can Tell You Don’t Have a Set Collections Process

Without a set collections process in place, an outstanding invoice can sit for months. When you do start chasing, your efforts might get a vague response.

With AR Workflow, your collections process starts immediately and continues consistently. You’ll be sending the message from the start that you’re organized and serious about getting paid.

Reason 4: They Are Disputing a Charge

A customer says they didn’t receive your email, so they didn’t know that payment was due. In addition, they’re also perplexed by changes that were made to the work order and a resulting adjustment in price. When it comes to proving that you’re owed what you’ve invoiced, keeping a record of all your communications with your customer is essential.

With AR Workflow, there’s never any confusion about what was discussed. AR Workflow keeps a complete record of your phone, email, and text history with each of your customers. It automatically records every incoming and outgoing call through the platform. You can also see when a customer opened an email and how many times they’ve done so.

Customers not paying is a common challenge in the restoration industry, but there are things that you can do to fight this problem. AR Workflow is ready to be part of your solution. If you have any questions or would like to set up a training session, please contact us.

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