Dealing with both an insurance adjuster and a customer can be awkward. When it feels like they’re questioning every charge, how do you get them to change their tune?

Good, consistent communication is the only way to way to make this unwieldy, three-way relationship work. AR Workflow can help.

The average person doesn’t deal with restoration work on a daily basis, so they may not have a clear understanding of the insurance adjuster’s role. They might not realize that the cuts the adjuster makes to your bill will ultimately be coming out of their wallet. AR Workflow makes it easy to have your first email template for customers with insurance include a reminder that they’re responsible for whatever their insurance doesn’t pay for, including late charges.

What about the insurance adjuster? If you provided a clear contract and detailed estimates, the customer is happy with your work, and you backed up everything with plenty of documentation, then you’ve made the adjuster’s job is easier. You’ve also increased the odds that the insurer will cover your charges in full without delay. AR Workflow is packed with user-friendly tools that streamline your communications. It’s a cinch to upload and attach the documentation that you need to make your case.

While the interactions may be tricky, a three-way win for you, your customer, and their insurer carrier is in everyone’s best interest. AR Workflow’s tools can help you navigate these delicate conversations with confidence. If you have questions, reach out to us.

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