Getting Them to Agree to Pay You

Dealing with both an insurance adjuster and a customer can be awkward. When it feels like they’re questioning every charge, how do you get them to change their tune? Good, consistent communication is the only way to way to make

The Perils of Price Reduction: Submitting Bills Th...

When you submit an invoice to a customer’s insurance company, you don’t just want it to be paid. You want it to be paid in full. Unfortunately, the push for price reductions seems to be getting stronger, and that trend

Dealing With a Deadbeat: How Disaster Restoration ...

Sometimes, there’s no warning. Your interactions with the customer are unremarkable, and everything goes smoothly until the work is done. Then, the invoice comes due, and they suddenly vanish into thin air. How do you deal with a deadbeat? Defense

Learn Why Customers Don’t Pay and What You C...

It’s beyond frustrating. Your restoration company provides excellent service in a timely fashion, and there’s no question that you deserve to be paid for your work promptly. Instead, you find yourself waiting for months and asking if the customer intends

Speeding Up Payments From Insurance Adjusters

Another project is successfully completed. Now, you’re expecting to collect payment from your customer’s insurance carrier, but the process is dragging on, and the open balance keeps getting bigger. Is there anything that you can do to get paid faster?

Use These AR Tips to Stop Chasing and Start Collec...

In the past, getting paid was a matter of doing the job right, submitting the invoice to a satisfied customer, and accepting the payment for your hard work. It was that easy. In today’s fast-paced world, getting paid is anything

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